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First Time Dress Shopping Today!!!

Hi All!!

Getting married in October....first time dress shopping today. I'm a big girl and will definately need some sort of shape wear under my dress.
Do I need to find shapewear to wear when I go today? Or if I find a dress I love today, can it wait until one of the fittings?

Would people say Spanx are the best at sucking stuff in or do people have other ideas??


Re: First Time Dress Shopping Today!!!

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    Personally I wouldn't buy anything just to go try dresses on because you don't know if it will actually work under the gown you end up getting. But if you already own shape wear I would bring that just so you can get an idea of what the dress would look like with it on.

    Once you buy your dress I would then buy the shape wear you want to wear the day of and bring it to your first fitting.
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    I purchased after I bought my dress and I did get Spanx.  I love them and a lot of girls on here swear by them.  Have a great time dress shopping!
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    Thanks girls!
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    what the PPs said.  I just wanted to tell you to have fun, and good luck!!
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