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Dyed Shoes

My colors are purple and coral, and I'm thinking about getting a pair of shoes dyed to match my lavender color. I haven't really been able to find anything that is lavender and attractive. 

Has anyone gotten shoes dyed and would you recommend it?

Re: Dyed Shoes

  • My only experience with this is from high school, but I had dyed shoes from David's Bridal for my prom, and the dye rubbed off onto my feet. They were red and it honestly looked like my feet were bleeding all night. I mean, it was high school prom, so who cares, but I wouldn't want that for my wedding. And I would be afraid to wear them with a white dress (in case the dye transferred to the dress). Unless you are talking about getting them for your BMs, in which case, it should be fine as long as your girls don't care about having purple feet. :-)
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