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New Hampshire

How did you find your JP?

Hi again,

So I am having trouble with getting a JP.  My mom talked to a family friend a while back who I thought was all set.  When I emailed him a couple of weeks ago to set up details as we're getting a lot closer it turns out he really wasn't committed and can't do it now...Then we asked one of my BM's aunt's who is a JP, but she is unavb.

Just curious how you found your JP, I'm having a hard time finding them through google.  My ceremony place gave us a list of a few people, but a couple of them are already booked.  Any recommendations of websites or JP's to use preferably in the Rindge/Keene area?

Thank you!

Re: How did you find your JP?

  • Luv2Cook27Luv2Cook27 member
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    I found my JP through the wonderful laides here.  We are using Dan Griffiths (he travels all over)


    Good Luck with your search!
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    Thank you!  I really wanted someone I knew, but since that isn't working out I want someone highly recommended and that we get a good feeling from.  I'm just freaking out because without a JP, we can't have a wedding!  Thank you for your help.
  • slm.mddslm.mdd member
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    Hi I am currently looking for mine too!.  My ceremony place gave us a recomendation of Andrea Ryan and we are meeting with her on Tuesday but We also contaced Dan Griffith and Carl Caporale.  Try googling those and you can get there contact info

    Andrea Ryan - [email protected]

    Carl Caporale - [email protected]

    Try those!!

    Hope this helps you out!

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