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bird cage veil

I bought a bird cage veil for my wedding and now have a ton of questions.... the veil covers half of my face. Do I wear it through the whole ceremony on my face?? Not sure if that will be distracting! Please some advice!

Re: bird cage veil

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    Up to you.  I would maybe do a few pictures with and without and take it off for the reception.
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    It's perfectly fine to wear it over your face for the ceremony. Or you could have it folded back when you reach the groom (either by the groom or by whoever's giving you away).

    I'd try wearing it for a bit (maybe while you're experimenting with hairstyles or jewelry) and see if you, personally, find it distracting. If not, just keep it over your face. If it does bother you, have it folded back.
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    I wore mine throughout the whole ceremony, and then for the first half of the pictures afterwards. I took it off before the cocktial hour started.
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