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Oleg Cassini CRL277

Hey ladies, just wondering who has worn this dress and what undergarments did you wear?  How did you bustle the dress and did you use DB to do the alterations?  Thanks!

Re: Oleg Cassini CRL277

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    Is that picture on the bench the oleg cassini CRL277 dress? I was starting to doubt my decision on this dress, but that picture makes me change my mind completely! It looks beautiful on you! What size is it, if you don't mind me asking.
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    Oh, wow, memories. I haven't been on the knot in forever! : )Thanks! Yeah, that's me in the Oleg Cassini CRL277. It's a size 0. There may be more pics in my bio (if my bio is still there). FWIW, I second guessed myself on the dress a million times, but I didn't have any regrets the day of or after. It's a gorgeous dress. GL!
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    clarissadavis - i say get the dress! i had my doubts about it too but now that i'm already married i loved my dress and i'm glad i got it :]
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    My name is Mirela and I am from Romania - Europe. I have one question for you. Can you tell me what kind of bustle did you used and how it was caught? If you have any pictures with this could you please send me at ? It will be the realy help for me.
    I love this dress, I bought one like this, but it hasn't this bustle and I don't know exactly how it is.

    Thank you very much,
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