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White dinner jackets

FI and I were talking about what he would like to wear for the wedding. He was originally thinking of a white dinner jacket, but then after meeting with the florist (who suggested a white calla lily boutineer would be lost on a dinner jacket) he changed his mind to a black tux with tails.

Now he's back to thinking he'd like to go with the dinner jacket idea and suggested that he would be the only guy in white. The GMs would wear black jackets. I haven't come accross any pictures of this and am having trouble picturing it in my mind. Has anyone seen any photos like this?

Re: White dinner jackets

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    Thanks Duds!
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    That is what we did.  DH rented his - his guys wore black suits that they already owned.  My girls just picked out black dresses on their own.

    We liked that the two of us were the dressiest people there.

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    I love the (ivory) dinner jacket and black trousers look. It's a classic!

    First question: at what time of day will your ceremony be? The reason I ask is because a tuxedo (a.k.a "black tie" wear) is evening wear- 6pm is generally the cut-off where "evening" begins. Any earlier and I'd really recommend the traditional lounge/business suit.

    If you're going the tuxedo route, some finer points I'd recommend:

    1) Please don't rent. For not much more money, your Groom can purchase a tuxedo that will last him a lifetime, can be tailored to fit like a glove, and be made of a cloth not developed in a laboratory. Even a tuxedo purchased a Jos. A. Banks during their near-perpetual sales events is better than a rental.

    2) Peak lapels (or a shawl collar) are the standard

    3) Single-breasted, single-button is the classic look

    4) Ivory is more classically preferable to white (even if your dress is stark white). Midnight blue is preferable to black (it is very close in hue, but photographs better)

    5) A cummerbund or waistcoat (vest) is typically paired, but is not modernly required

    6) Check out this website: for more info on black tie dress

    I'd finally recommend that whatever route you go, forego the black groomsmen suits for charcoal grey or navy blue. Black is too somber (read: funereal) for a wedding. Also, a gentleman has much more use for a grey or navy suit in his wardrobe than black- consider that if you ask your groomsmen to purchase (still preferable to renting) one.


    Thinking of tuxedos? Visit this site first:

    What to expect from a rental tuxedo.

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