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Insulin Pump Girls Question

Hey Gals,
Anyone else wearing an insulin pump? What are you planning on doing with it under that big white dress?

I'm thinking of either sticking it in my bra and using the remote control to bolus or strapping it to a leg so I can get at it if I need to. I just don't want it making a little bump and being noticable, grh!


Re: Insulin Pump Girls Question

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    What type of dress are you looking at or have? If you have a ball gown or full A line, maybe the pump wouldn't show under the dress.  Especialy if if has a "natural" waist line then flares out. You could then put the bolus button under your garter.
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    I think the thigh/garter area will be easiest for you. you could just pop into the bathroom, hit the bolus button, then pop back out. easier than popping a boob out.

    and you know what? even if there is a little bump, I don't think people will care. the people you're inviting love you and know you, and I doubt that it will be a big deal for any one (including you on the day of) if your pump is slightly noticeable. but I don't use an insulin pump. however, I do wear a hearing aid, and it will show up in pictures. oh well, the hearing aid is a part of me and who I am, as the pump is a part of you and who you are.

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    I know I've seen this question before, I can't remember if it was here or Offbeat Bride...  If you look on Etsy, you can find sellers who actually make garters specifically for insulin pumps.  I know the girls on whichever thread I read before had some other suggestions, but I can't remember what they were.  :/
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    I wore an insulin pump with my dress.  My bridal shop added a little pocket to the inside of the dress, a little bit lower than my hip.  It could not be seen at all.  I could easily go in the bathroom and gain access to it.  It worked very well and I never even noticed it being there.  I would worry about the garter falling down. 

     The pump is on my right side and you can't see it at all.

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    My sister had the same issue.  Her seamstress sewed in a little pocket to the inside of her dress so that it would be hidden.  She worried that wearing the leg strap would bother her all day so the seamstress came up with this solution
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    What a great idea! I hadn't even thought of that, but i'm going to ask my dress shop!

    Thank you!!!
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