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Hi Ladies!

So I have decided to get my girls hard cased clutches for their gifts but I want to get them something else that's small. What is everyone getting their bridesmaids?


Re: Bridesmaid Presents

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    I'm getting them each whatever I think she will love.  It will most likey be something different for each girl.
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    Shop for them like it were their birthday or Christmas. What are their hobbies and interests? Go from there.
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    I'm buying them each a clutch as well, in different patterns they would each like.  Then I'm just buying things to fill it. 

    I agree that you should shop for them like its thier birthday or Christmas.
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    what about lip gloss to stick in there?
    nail polish, those blotting paper things, nail file....just go to the impulse items section at Sephora!
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    Victoria's Secret body sprays and lotions are always good. I also thought about getting my BMs some of those Dr. Scholl's fast flats to change into during the reception....
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    They should be gifts that you'd be happy to give them on any other occasion, and they shouldn't have anything to do with your wedding.
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    I also got my bridesmaids a pearl set, earrings and necklace and got a good deal on them too.  If they want to wear it on the wedding day that is fine, if not that is fine too.  I am more of a classic girl and I thought pearls would be nice, because then they could wear them when they dress up for other events :)
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