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Found the dress, size question - Blue by Enzoani

Yaaaaay! I bought my dress today. 2009 collection - Bria. I am super excited because the dress is unusual, super chic, and totally me. I am just worried about the size. The sample I tried on was a 10 and was pretty big. After being measured, per the size chart, I ended up ordering an 8 which should fit my hips perfectly but will still be super huge in the chest. I am the biggest I have ever been right now and I really think that I could get into a 6 with some work but the sales lady talked me into ordering an 8. Obviously it's better to take it in if I lose weight than to order a dress that doesn't fit but I am just worried that they will never be able to get the fit right in the top right if I start with something that is so big on me. Are alterations really that fool proof? Should I just get the size 6? The shop has an experienced on-site seamstress but my mom and I are still pretty nervous.

Re: Found the dress, size question - Blue by Enzoani

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    Hi Honeymooners!I'm a bridesmaid in my sister in laws wedding. She just tried on the BRIA Enzoani dress today and loved it. We were not allowed to take pictures in the store and we're dying to know how the dress photographs... other than the standard picture on the website. Do you have any pictutes of yourself in the gown you are willing to share? THanks!Melanie
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    In case you still want to see a photo of me in the dress, here it is (p.s. I should have gotten the size 6)[IMG][/IMG]
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