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Davids Bridal?

I fell in love with a dress on the David's Bridal website and went in today to try it on.  I love it!  Completely and totally love it.  Didn't buy it yet, because I was alone and want certain people to see it first.  My question is, does anyone here have experience with this chain?  Do they do good alterations? 
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Re: Davids Bridal?

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    it really depends on which Davids Bridal you went to.......unfortunately the sales people vary at all the different locations and some places you will be treated like the Queen that you are and other Davids Bridal locations they could care less how much your willing to spend. I had a good experience at my Davids Bridal the first time around but when i went in the second time to purchase, my consultant was a complete Good Luck and make sure you make an appointment during the week, that always makes things run smoother. As far as alterations, not sure because I haven't gotten them yet but other people tell me that david's bridal is kind of expensive when it comes to the alterations.
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    I had a good experience with Davids Bridal. My dress came in when they said it would, had no problems with any of the people I talked to/worked with, and my alterations turned out really well. Between the time I bought my dress and the time of my fitting, I put on a lot of weight and had to have my dress let out quite a bit. It was a bit pricey, but I was very pleased with the way it turned out. Also, if you buy a dress from there, you don't have to have it altered there. If you have a seamstress you are more comfortable with, just take it there.
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    Alterations are pricey and it really does vary. Some stores do good, others do not. My friends dress had to be re-done so many times because they just couldn't get it right. They have great prices on dresses and they do have nice dresses, but they just hassle you to buy their undergarments, accessories, veils. You don't have to buy these things from them and can get them cheaper elsewhere. 
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    I had a fantastic experience at DB but I definitely acknowledge that it's a chain and it can be hit or miss...which is why I searched for reviews of particular sites before I visited, made a weekday appointment, selected "Favorites" online that they could print out at the store, and confirmed that they carried a good selection in my size. I only needed one trip to get my dress! The salespeople were incredibly nice and not pushy and I got an amazing deal on everything (I think I caught every end of the year sale they were running!) My mom who was with me appreciated the experience so much she wants to write them a "Thank you" letter, lol. I can't attest to their alterations but I don't think I'll be disappointed by my local DB.
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    I got my dress David's for a great price. They told me it would be back in 6 months but it was back in TWO WEEKS! Haven't had it altered yet but plan to use a local seamstress. Overall, good experience. I will say that they charge for EVERYTHING, including a fabric swatch of your dress and a garment bag to transport it.
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    I was there yesterday (second visit, first trying on several dresses). My consultant was awesome.  She even stayed 3 hours after her shift was over, we didn't go in to buy a dress, just to look as we are a year and a half from the wedding, however, i fell in love with a White by Vera Wang dress that was just the one, and it was on sale, so we ended up getting it!! (EEEEEK!) - Additionally, they assured me that if I came in and found something I liked better, they would do an exchange for the value of my current dress.  As for alterations, I don't have any experience, my dress fit me perfectly, the skirt does need to be hemmed as I am 5'0" so they quoted that at 150.00 (it's an organza skirt with a lot of layers) and they said also about 150.00 or so for the thing to hold the skirt in the back after the ceremony.
    I bought their bra, as the manager assured us that they would refund it in full if we found it somewhere else, and we bought the gown preservation kit which is $99 when you buy your gown. 
    Even though we were there for a bridal consultation, they were very helpful in allowing me to see my MOH in several dresses for the bridal party.
    I had a crappy experience the first time around, at a different location but they knew that they were not going to make a sale, so the consultant handed me three dresses and left me on my own with my MOH.
    Hope this helps!
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    As PP's have mentioned, the customer service varies by location, but it seems like you had an okay experience on that note.  The quality of the dresses, shipping, etc is company wide and they do a great job.  Also, like everyone else, I would suggest using a private seamstress, not DB.  I've heard they do good work (and the guarantee it, they will replace the dress if they mess it up), but they do charge quite a bit more than you can find elsewhere.  I suggest hitting up your local boards to ask for alterations recommendations. 

    The only other thing I will suggest when dealing with DB (or any bridal salon for that matter) is to NOT buy any accessories there because that's their highest mark-ups.  You can try on veils, shoes, bras, jewelry, etc with your dress to get an idea of how they all look together, but I guarantee you can find it somewhere else for a better price.
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    In Response to <a href="">Re: Davids Bridal?</a>:
    [QUOTE]I was there yesterday (second visit, first trying on several dresses). My consultant was awesome.  She even stayed 3 hours after her shift was over, we didn't go in to buy a dress, just to look as we are a year and a half from the wedding, however, i fell in love with a White by Vera Wang dress that was just the one, and it was on sale, so we ended up getting it!! (EEEEEK!)
    Posted by NicoleMarcelle[/QUOTE]

    LOL -- I had the same experience today! I didn't get a Vera Wang dress (is it the organza one with the ruffly type layers?) but I went just to look -- wedding is as far out as yours is -- and fell in love, and ended up buying. I'm one thousand percent sure this is THE dress, and only had concerns about alternations -- what if my body really changes in that time? (who knows?)

    So I don't have any advice about their alteration services, except that I looked at the cost breakdown. Hemming can get expensive (I'm lucky I won't need to) there, I think. Other things seemed standard. But you can take the dress anywhere, so don't worry.
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    White Knot

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    Thanks everyone!  So, basically, buy from them if I have a good experience, don't be surprised by extra costs, and get it tailored somewhere else.  Got it!  Thanks again!
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    It's one that has like ruffley layers at top with flowers and like a ribbon on the end... here's a pic lol: 

    Congrats on your dress! Mine came in like 3 weeks ago, I tried it on again (along with 2 other dresses) to make absolutely certain that it's the one, and I have no doubt in my mind that it is totally the one!!!  Now it's hanging in my closet... I just want to wear it and twirl around!!! (P.S. that's how you know it's the one!)
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