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Closed toe shoes - more difficult to find than i thought

I've been on the hunt for quite some time to find some white satin closed toe shoe shoes that don't have a massive platform in them. I'd prefer round toes, and really don't like the idea of buying something I can't try on in a store. This has become a challenge for me... more than I ever predicted.

I picked a dress in 45 minutes and i've been looking for shoes and undergarments for three months with no luck on either one. Our David's Bridal has incredibly terrible customer service (I know it's just one location)... and I'm running out of options.

Any suggestions?

Re: Closed toe shoes - more difficult to find than i thought

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    Payless has a white satin dyeable line.
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    Do you have a DSW near you? They have a great selection of formal shoes.
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    another vote for payless...they usually have a whole wall lined with the dyeable shoes.
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    Hmm.. those are some great suggestions. I've been to the closest DSW and got the feeling i was just going at the wrong time of year (due to color)...
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    I was afraid to buy shoes online too, but DSW ticked me off, Macys and Nordstrom had all plain jane stuff.  I bought a pair of Badgley Mischka's - style called Burke - they are closed toe and I think they are adorable.  I bought them in grey since that is one of our wedding colors.  They are like stepping into heaven. Very comfy and I have wider than normal feet.  I got them on sale for 79 dollars at myhabit.

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    Gray is one of our wedding colors too... sadly, Badgley Mischka is out of my budget though. :( I love their shoes.. but about the ONLY way i could afford them is on sale like that.
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    Hey ladies! I broke down and got some shoes off of Amazon that I thought were cute. I had a $50 store credit via Christmas and my birthday.. so I cashed it in on these puppies:

    I have to say.. I LOVE them.. glad I gave up on hunting through 30 shoe departments and stores looking for a white pair of shoes in the middle of winter.
    It was a gamble.. and i was leary because i had never heard of the company before and couldnt find much on them, but hey - problem solved!
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