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Appropriate Dress Length for Winter Wedding

December + Wisconsin = Snow (BRR!) Must I have floor length dresses, though?

Re: Appropriate Dress Length for Winter Wedding

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    We got married in CT in March, so I was worried about the same thing.  I wanted my girls to be as comfortable as possible so as much as I wanted a shorter length, we did floor length dresses.
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    Hmmm...are your ceremony and reception in different places?  If the girls don't have to be outside too long, you may be able to get away with shorter dresses.  I'm from WI too and man, it will definitely be cold for a short dress.  I was in a wedding in March a couple years ago and we were freezing, even with full length dresses!

    You might also want to ask them what they think.  If they'd all prefer to wear one over the other, I'd go wtih what they want.
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    I think if you're inside, you could probably get away with shorter dresses, as long as the venue is really warm.  But I've worn short dresses in the winter in the Southwest, and it's freezing.  I'd be pretty miserable in the snow without more coverage.
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    meh. i live in the northeast and wear shorter skirts and dresses all the time in the winter. the key is to wear opaque tights with a close knit (not fuzzy tights, just regular ones!) and have a good coat.  ask your  bridesmaids if they'd be comfortable with that if you really love the look of a shorter dress.  i mean, they're not going to spend a lot of time outside, right? i trek all over the city and all over my college campus in the snow while wearing shortish skirts. it's no big deal. it's not like an extra foot and a half of dress fabric gives much extra warmth anyway.  not many coats or sweaters are made of charmeuse.
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    When I was Jeanie's age I could dress like that too, but not anymore :).  Opaque tights might work, but they might not look as dressy as you'd like. 
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    I also wear short skirts in winter.  Extra length doesn't do much.  Also, if there's snow on the ground, I'd worry about getting snow on a long dress.
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    They don't have to wear long dresses just because it's Winter. 

    But if it will be cold, they could use some leg covering, like pantyhose.  So they might want to wear closed toed or at least peep toe shoes. 

    And it depends on if they will have to be outside, and the venue.  Surely you won't be expecting them to be posing outside for pics in strapless, knee length dresses with bare legs would you?  LOL.

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    We're planning a January Wedding in Ontario (ya, brrrrr) and I wouldn't dream of putting my girls in anything but floor length!!
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