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Color Scheme?

Hi everyone!
I have my heart set on 3 colors for my wedding, im not sure how well they will go together though!! Any Advice?

I love olive green for my bridesmaids dresses, i want to accent it with Chocolate brown or Bronze and i love eggplant purple so i want to put that in there- possibly for the flowers.

are these colors all too Rich to go together? We are planning on a early June wedding of 2011. I know these colors are more for the fall but i love them because they suit our personalities so well.
Would using these colors in the early summer for a Romantic/ vintage reception be good??
Any advice would be helpful!

Re: Color Scheme?

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    That sounds like a gorgeous vineyard-themed wedding.  I can see you pulling it off in June no problem.  Particularly if you have a venue with a view of the outdoors (to provide a lush green background) or if you are having an evening affair.
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    Those color are great and will work fine together. I wouldn't worry about having those colors in June.

    I would try olive green dresses with a brown sash for the BM's and have the flowers be purple with brown and green ribbon.

    Or you can alternate the BM's with olive green and purple dresses with brown sahes to tie them all together. (not literally, lol)

    For tables I would do brown linen with olive napkins and purple flowers. I would probably try to mix in some green with the purple flowers to make that work as well.

    Great color scheme... you will be more happy if you allow yourself to express yourself and have what you want at your wedding.Smile
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    I think that's a great color combo, if you think it's going to be to dark for spring, you can always add some ivory or light gold accents in to balance the colors.
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    In Response to <a href="">Re: Color Scheme?</a>:
    [QUOTE]I think people should pick any color they want and not base it on the seasons. If you like those three colors, go for them.
    Posted by Champagne Supernova[/QUOTE]

    I agree with this completely.
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    I'm also planning a June 2011 wedding, and I've changed my mind twice about colors in the past few months.  Anyway, it sounds pretty, but I could be biased b/c I'm currently thinking purple....
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