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AW: Found my dress! Long story (PIP)

Going into dress shopping I wanted a chiffon dress.  As a destination bride (Mexico) I wanted something light and airy.

So at the first store I went to I tried on 4 dresses in chiffon and one in tafetta.  Surprisingly the taffetta was the one I really liked.  It was a Casablanca Diamond Collection so I don't have pics but was more "poofy" .  It just made me feel like a bride more than the chiffon.

From there I went to David's and a second local boutique.  I didn't find anything at either of those and went back and tried on the dress again at the first place.  I didn't want to take it off.   The lady said, "that's your dress".  I had already made an appointment for the following Friday (last week) at a 4th store and debated cancelling it.  I decided I might as well keep it and promised myself this would be the last place I would look.  I went into the appointment figuring I'd end up finding nothing and buying the one.

At the appt I tried on maybe 5 dresses.  I found one similar to the casablanca that I also liked.  As I was getting ready to change out of the last dress I had picked out and the sales girl asked me about one final dress.  It was unlike anything I had tried.  It was less poofy and a material I had avoided thus far.  I said, "Sure......why not." 

When I walked out in this dress I just felt so freaking beautiful.  It accentuated my curves like no other and I knew my man would be wowed when he saw it.  I did not want to take it off and just kept looking at myself. LOL  So here it is!  Paid for in full and I bought the exact one I tried on.  They had taken it out of the bag to use as a sample the week before! The girl told me I was the first to try it on!!!! It fits perfectly with the exception of length and I can even lose a few pounds between now and then without needing alterations!





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