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Friend's Lingerie Shower

Hi Ladies!  It's been almost 10 years since my wedding, but my best friend is getting married in a month.  It's a very small wedding.  Four of her closest friends (myself included) are giving her a girl's weekend in New Orleans.  We're all bring a "lingerie shower"-type gift.  I'm totally not a lingerie-type-person (I'm pregnant and have a 2 year old!).  She's very into the latest fashion trends and is quite the girly-girl. 

Do you ladies have any suggestions for a gift?  I'm thinking a budget of about $50+/-.  I don't want anything too sleezy.  I want it to be something she'll actually get some use out of.  If it helps, they're honeymoon is in the tropics for 2 weeks.


Re: Friend's Lingerie Shower

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    You could get her a silky robe, or just do a gift card to Victoria's Secret (or wherever she shops) and let her pick out her own gift ... maybe package it with a nighttime eye mask or some nice-smelling lotion or something so that there's a physical gift along with the gift card.
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    I know that people tend to think that Fredericks of Hollywood is trashy, but they have some nicer things too.  Lacy nighties, satin robes, stuff like that.  Plus their prices aren't too crazy for underpants...
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    Have so much fun in NOLA- thats where we are getting married next week!! 
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