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Can't find my dress!!

Just wondering if anyone can help me find my dress?!?! I've ordered my dress but the little boutique won't let me take a picture of it until it comes in, by then I'm afraid it will be to late to coordinate it with my bridesmaids dresses and everything else. The only thing that I know is that it's by Exclusive by Allure, the style number is either L246 or 3642C. I've searched all I can for these style numbers and I'm getting no where! If anyone has any other site I can check I would be grateful. Thank you!!

Re: Can't find my dress!!

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    All of their style numbers start with a 1 or a 2 and are 4 digits might double-check your style number.  Other than that, is it a discontinued style?  I came up with nothing, sorry.
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    Sometimes shops have different codes than the public does (learned this when I showed up with a list of style numbers).

    If you can describe the dress, maybe someone can help you? 
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    It sounds like you already ordered your dress.  Does your receipt have the style number on it?  Call up the store and ask them what it is, if they don't.  Also, this is a stupid question, but did you try just looking through their dresses, instead of searching for the style number?  They only have 100 listed on their exclusive Bridals by Allure page, so it would be easy to skim.  I don't know how many 'seasons' worth of dresses they show on there, but you should be able to find it that way. 
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    I agree there are only 102 gowns can you just look through them and find it?
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    From what I've heard, the Allure Exclusive gowns are pretty impossible to find a stock photo of online. I've heard that Allure doesn't release the photos (or something to that extent).

    You could try searching re-sell websites, like, to see if anyone is selling it, and find a photo that way.

    As for coordinating the bridesmaids' dresses with it, all you really have to do is make sure they're on the same formality level with your gown. Your BMs don't need to be in an identical neckline or silhouette to your gown. Have them try on some dresses and see what suits them best ... you can achieve the same level of formality through the fabric and length and overall cut/quality of their dresses.

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    If you bought the dress, they are usually more open about the details about the dress.  They wouldn't tell me anything until I decided on which dress I wanted, and when I ordered it, then told me what it was.  Maybe you just need to ask, since you ordered it.  Also, I know a lot of shops have their own style number or code for their dresses, so the codes you listed might be how the bridal shop identifies them.
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    try it on and take a pic in the dressing room, tell the associate you would like for her to leave the room (just say you're uncomfortable w/ her in there) thats what i did
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