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Worried about dress alterations

Hello all! So I found my dream dress in February and ordered it for my November wedding. The dress won't come in till the end of July so I'm glad I ordered it when I did. Against, my better judgement, I ordered the dress in the size I am now instead of one size smaller. Well... I've already lost about 20lbs and am down to a size 4. It is all healthy weight loss, I'm working out and really that is about it... I also changed birth controls and I can honestly say that I think that had a huge part to do with it... guess I put on a little more weight in the past year than I thought... Foot in mouth

When I was at my healthiest I was at about 120-125 lbs. (I'm 5'8). Maybe I didn't realize how quickly the weight would start to come off and I do realzie it will start to slow since I've lost alot of the initial belly but I know I'll keep toning up... but I'm worried about the dress having to be altered too much. Is that even possible?!

Re: Worried about dress alterations

  • What size did you order? I'm 5'8" and 120 and ordered a 4... It sounds like you will be fine. And even if your dress is too big, the seamstresses can work magic. I was a fill-in bridesmaid once and had a size 8 dress cut down. It was fine and no one knew. I think a lot also depends on the shape of your gown too.
  • I'm 5'8 and about 120-125 and I ordered a six. Seamstresses can work magic and I'm sure you could get the dress taken in a few sizes if needed:)
  • I ordered a 10 in my dress (when I needed no larger than an 8, I'm a 6 in street clothes) because I was time-crunched and the 10 was ready to ship from the factory.  It was huge when it came in.  It has a corset back, but even with the corset laced all the way up (which doesn't look as pretty), it was too big.  My seamstress cut it down over a size with no problem, and now it has a great shape, is tight, and the corset isn't as tight so you can actually see the lacing up the back.  

    If your dress has a lot of beading, that could be an issue, since the beading would have to be redone, but a good seamstress should be able to take care of it.  I know someone who fell in love with a size 12 dress at a consignment shop and had it altered to fit her (she's a size 2).  Don't stress about it!

  • Because of my chest size (huge) I had to order a dress to fit that and my waist (from ribs down) is 3 sizes smaller. They are doing the alterations to make the waist fit as well as the bust. It can be done my dress does have beading. It is not cheap.
  • Don't worry. I lost about 20 pounds or so between the time i ordered my dress until the time it came in. It was taken in a size or two and it now looks great. As long as you have a good seamstress, it will not be ruined.
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