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Bridesmaid Shoe Color Ideas for Amsale Bronze Taffeta Dress

Hi all!

I'm getting married this fall and my bridesmaids are wearing the Amsale Taffeta Dress (long) in Bronze.  Any suggestions for shoes?  The color is a bit of a hybrid, depending on the light can appear kind of slate or charcoal brown.  I'm tormn over a champagne color shoe vs. pewter.  I welcome any suggestions on colors or specific styles from designers!


Re: Bridesmaid Shoe Color Ideas for Amsale Bronze Taffeta Dress

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    Let them wear whatever shoe they want. The dresses are long and no one will see them.

    But if you do insist on specific shoes, you have to buy them for your BMs.
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    I would give them a color family and let them choose...would a black or nude shoe work?

    PP is correct, if you insist on a specific shoe, you should pay for them!
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    Can they buy dyable shoes and take a swatch of the color somewhere to dye them? I had the same issue, but my BM dress color is called cinnamon.  The payless in our area stopped dying shoes, which was the BMs plan, but we found a dry cleaning place who dyes shoes.

    If you don't mind the dress color and shoe color matching, I would go with a nude color shoe. Champange sounds nice also. Are you having any other colors in your wedding? Maybe, depending on the color, you could have that color shoe?
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