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Tried on dresses tonight - I love Maggie!

I tried on a few that were not Maggie but none of them made me feel quite the same as the Maggie dresses did! I think I have it narrowed down to either "Kadence", "Dylan", or "Aspen". I tried on 9 dresses total so after a while they all started to blend together. I am going to go back in a few days with a clear head and will probably make my final decision!

Re: Tried on dresses tonight - I love Maggie!

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    [QUOTE]I tried on a few that were not Maggie but none of them made me feel quite the same as the Maggie dresses did!
    Posted by jodylynn78[/QUOTE]

    Ditto!  <img src="" border="0" alt="Smile" title="Smile" />
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    I knew my dress was going to be a Maggie long before I started going to the bridal shops.  I'm pretty sure she has a cult following for her dresses, I definitely notice that we talk about them more than any other specific designers on this board!  :)
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    I have gone shopping 3 times now and most of the times I found that Maggie dresses just fit me better!  So I went back with my mom Saturday during a trunk show and bought Adorae out of the Sottero & Midgley collection.  I LOVE IT!!!  It was very reasonable and I got extra money off for it being during a trunk show.  If those are the ones you like best GO FOR IT!!!!  Try and find a trunk show close to you to get an even better deal!!
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    I just spent yesterday afternoon looking through all 387 of their dresses and printing out my favorites...there were 26 of them!  There's a trunk show in the area in 2 weeks and I think based on those pictures and what you guys said, I think I'm going make an appointment.  ds, what was the discount they offered with the trunk show?
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    I had the same experience -- the Maggie dresses fit me better and made me feel better in them.  I think part of that is because there were more Maggie dresses with corsets than other designers, and I always felt better in a corset.  I ended up with the Limited Edition "Amber." (Unfortunately not visible on the Maggie website.)

    "Clarissa" is gorgeous. :)
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    I am pretty sure I've narrowed my choice down to Kadence. I'm going back in the morning to try them on again and show my daughter.
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    I didn't even try on adorae but I saw it on another girl and I know I have to get it.  
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