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I was just it cheaper to buy a childs tux then to rent it? 
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Re: Tuxedo??

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    I'm not sure what the price to purchase is...our rental Calvin Klein tux for our 4yr old RB is $75 (including shoes and socks)
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    I would say it's cheaper to rent one, that said it also depends on how small the child is. My friend got married last year and they told her her son was too small to rent a tux because they would have to alter it to much so she had to buy it. (this was Tuxedo Junction with her 2yr old)
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    I think it's cheaper to rent.  My RB is 8 & his tux is $90 but even if he purchased a tux he'd still have to rent the vest, etc.
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    The rule is--if you're going to wear it more than once a year, buy it.  Since a child can't wear a tux that often before outgrowing it, I'd rent it.
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