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Just bought my dress - now I'm freaking out!

I bought my wedding dress earlier today but now I'm kind of freaking out and wondering if I made the wrong choice...   This was my first time trying on dresses but they were kind of pressuring me by saying I had to order ASAP in order for everything to be ready by my wedding date of 5/21/11.  The first couple of dresses they put me in just about made me want to kill myself - they were heavy and hot and not anything like the dress I requested.  Not to mention that I'm a plus size girl and these dresses were definitely a couple sizes too small for me so they looked horrible.  The last dress they put on me fit a lot better, was a lot lighter and was actually quite slimming.  It's nice and I like it but I'm afraid that I caved too soon (only tried on 4 or 5 dresses - none of which were the style I wanted) and should have went to other places and tried on other dresses.  I'm afraid I might be missing out on the dress of my dreams but at the same time, I don't want to lose my deposit I put down now.  Do a lot of you freak out like this after buying the dress or am I just being crazy here???

This is the dress I ended up buying:

This is the dress I really wanted:

Since I never even got to try it on though, I don't know if the empire waist would flatter me or now but I would have liked to have tried!  Is it a bad idea to go to a different salon and try it still now?

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Re: Just bought my dress - now I'm freaking out!

  • I would find out the policy about cancelling your order and what would happen with your deposit first before I tried on anymore personally.  I'm also a firm believer though in its just a dress, and I bought the 2nd one I tried on because I loved it and it was super comfortable.  I never tried another dress on after i bought it, and I never looked again.  And I didn't regret my decision one bit.  I know thats not typical though.

    My feeling though is find out the situation with the salon.  What will you do if you find the one you originally wanted and you fall in love with it, but can't get your deposit back?  Thats why I would check first.  Also, the dress type that I thought I really wanted I tried on and hated it. 

    Also, just wanted to add that I like the dress you bought waayy better than the other one.  Just my opinion though.
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  • thanks both of you - its definitely making me feel better about my decision.  the dress i went with really is more of a classic wedding dress that should stand the test of time a lot better!  :)
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  • I think the gown you picked is beautiful!! I sort of did the same thing as you. I tried on only a few dresses at one store when I decided to buy "the one". The first few I tried on were nothing like what I wanted and then waa-la. As soon as I put MY dress on... I knew it was the one. Its hard to explain but from what I hear everyone gets that feeling when they finally get their dress. I would say that if you didn't get this feeling maybe you should see about trying on other dresss. Most places allow you to transfer your deposit to other gowns as long as its within the same store. However if you love your dress and just have jitters that you found it so soon I would NOT try on other gowns because then you will just confuse yourself and make it so much more difficult to commit to one. Finding "the one" should be easy and comfortable as your decision to marry your one should have been.

    Good luck!! Smile
  • Yeah, I never had the big crying moment of "OMG this is THE dress", with the light shining on me from some mystery place and time standing still while I revel in the moment that i think a lot of brides try and wait for.  I put one on that I really liked, and it was really comfortable.  That was enough for me to buy it.  And like I said, I never regretted it for a second. 
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  • haha yeah it was definitely not an omg this is my dress break down and cry moment - maybe thats why im overthinking it so much!  it was just like wow this actually looks pretty slimming on maybe i should go with this one since i wasnt really into the whole dress buying process.  i think i would have been if i was a size 6 girl that everything fit and looked great on but as is, it was something i dreaded!!!
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  • The dress you bought is beautiful but if you're really unsure about it find a store that has the dress you really wanted and try it on and iIf that's the one you decide you want then I would go ahead and buy it...ya you will loose the deposite on the first one but isn't it worth it to wear the dress that you feel makes you look the most beautiful? :)  Good luck! :)
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  • I didn't have the break down and cry moment either, just got something that was a good price and fit well and suited the type of wedding I wanted to have.  Agreed that the first dress will stand the test of time.  But if it's going to nag at you that you wanted to see what your dream dress looks like on you, can't hurt to find out the policy if you cancel your order.

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  • I really like the one you picked!!
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  • The dress you bought is beautiful!  I really like it--very elegant.  To be honest, I think it will be more flattering than the other one.

    I agree with others to check the policy if you're really doubting it, but I think you made a great choice.  I didn't have a crying moment either.  I loved most dresses I tried on and would have been happy in several dresses.  As long as you're happy and you feel pretty, you've probably made the right choice!
  • I love the dress you chose! It's gorgeous~
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  • The one you picked is VERY pretty. I think you made a good choice.
  • As the other ladies have said, call the store & find out their policy.  Read the fine print on your contract.  There is often a cancellation window (24, 48, or 72 hours) -- often by law.  Even if you think you're sure about this dress but feel the need to try the other, cancel anyway.  You have *plenty* of time to (re)order before May.
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