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I bought my dress online so I wasn't able to try it on with undergarments at the store. I am kind of confused what type of foundation to wear with it. I have attached a pic of the dress. I am looking for a longline bra or corset that gives uplift and cinches in the waist. Also I have no idea what type of petticoat to wear with it. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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    The big question you want to ask yourself how much structure is built into the dress. In a lot of cases particularly with dress with lace up backs there is a significant foundation built into the bust. This allows you to have the option to wear undergarments or not. Once you lace up the dress and cinch the waist/ rib cage you will find your breasts will be in their proper places, in most cases. I myself am getting married in Aug and will only be wearing under wear as my dress has been constructed so well I don't need it. If your not sure my best suggestion is to try your dress on with the undergarment of your choice (tags on) look in the mirror or take a picture, and one without your undergarment, this way you can compare. I found this worked really well for me and now I get to go sans bra/corset yea and save some cash. I hope this works for you and good luck, your dress is absolutly BEAUTIFUL!
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    When I tried on dresses the woman at the shop had me wear a bra/corset/shaping thing they sale.  I hadn't ever worn one but I fell in love with it.  I'm going to buy a dress with a corset in it, but I'm still using the shaper.  I'm not very well endowed up top though so I'm happy to use anything that will shove the girls in place more or let me add extra lift if need be.  I don't really know what brand it was or what it was really called, but it was $60 which is what I normally pay for a bra so it's totally worth the cost.

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