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Custom Swarovski Rhinestone Shoes!

Looking for something special to wear? Want to make sure no one else has the same exact shoes? Capturing Starlight is covering a rhinestone stressing service! Strassing is the act of covering a material completely with rhinestones – adding quite the sparkle and shine. My strassing style places the rhinestones as closely together as possible, giving your shoes a jewel encrusted look.

What kind of shoes can be strassed?:
Almost any shoe. While Christian Louboutin has really lead the fashion world with his crystallized versions of his shoes, it’s not limited to any brand. Rhinestones can make even the cheapest shoe look fantastic! A hidden or concealed platform pump looks fantastic, but an exposed platform can be used as well. Leather, patent leather, satin, or a variety of other finishes can be strassed.

I use Swarovski crystals, the world’s leading rhinestone manufacturer. Their rhinestones come in a dazzling array of colors and special finishes.

It takes approximately 40 hours to complete a set of pumps. Please allow for 6 weeks when ordering your shoes.

What’s included in the price?:
Included is the labor, rhinestones, and other supplies. Because every shoe is different, please contact me for a quote of your particular shoe.

What’s not included in the price?:
What is not included is the shoes. Shoes will need to be shipped to me.

Want more information? Please check out our website:
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