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I ordered twice from, but not for wedding dress. Which I ordered were all prom dresses. For prom dresses, you may need to wait a bit longer than purchasing from high street shops. But they all arrived earlier than the time they listed on their site. For example, the first time, it says the dress will come after 5 wks, but I finally get it within a month. Because I have to leave enough time for waiting or alterations. As I know most brides normally start to choose their wedding dresses at least two wks before wedding.

The most part I like was their service. I changed my address twice at the first time I ordered and the process was just...I feel really sorry about my changing requirements, anyway, the girl who keep contacting with me was very patient. They even called me after my dress arrived to see if it fits me well, that really moved me. So I immediately decided that I will purchase again and recommend them to everyone I know after that call. By the way, I strongly recommend you to fill in your own size instead of choosing a standard one as I did for the second time and it fits better than the first time. I am not sure if it because the style were different.

The quality is not a problem as you can see from their pics, the actual dresses are the same as pictured, at least for mine. But I ordered the same color as the sample, not sure about other color.  This is the only site that I found could do some customized details instead of standard ones and the most important thing is that the price is affordable. The only problem is that I could not try every piece that I like before purchasing. Anyway, they also have a lot of bridal gowns. Here is the link to their reviews (, customers shared their experience and uploaded photos of bridal gown they’ve received.


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