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blue shoes and white dress?

hi girls, i need a fashion advise since i am not so good with it. my wedding is in september and i am wearing a romona kevaza rk292 dress. my big question is the shoes. can i wear coloured shoes with this dress like baby blue with silver and similar detail in the hair. would look nice?

i am not going to a classic sweet bride look, i want some more rock element and freedom...

Re: blue shoes and white dress?

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    Gofor it, mine were purple. A lot of brides on here are wearing colored shoes. If it's your style go for it.
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    I agree.  Go for it.  My dress is Ivory- Galina Signature SWG9902 & I'm going to rock Royal Blue heels!
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    You can do whatever you want! It's not like there will be wedding police there to revoke your marriage licence if your hubby-to-be doesn't have matching shoes and a belt and your shoes aren't 6" white satin heels with lace that matches your veil!

    My best friend wore blue and black satin shoes with an ivory silk gown and it was adorable! Some brides wear cowboy boots, some wear flip flops and others wear nothing at all.

    And if a guest at your wedding yanks your dress up and screams "Her shoes don't match!" in horror, I give you permission to kick them with your rock n' roll shoes!
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    I love colored shoes! I'm wearing teal. Go for it!
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    dooo it!  i've seen shoes of all colours on brides and it looks nice:) i'm wearing sparkly gold flats and i can't wait!

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    I wore hot pink shoes... was the first wedding related decision I made after we got engaged.  I think its a fun way change things up, plus you can wear them after the wedding.  I wore mine the other night to dinner... made me smile knowing that I also walked down the aisle in them.
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    thanks a lot guys, i appreciate it, i know that people will be shoked (i come from a very small city)  i dont realy care actualy but yet wanna be beautiful on my wedding day. have a great day all 
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