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Veils for your wedding

I would never feel as if I had to buy a headpiece to match my wedding gown from the salesperson who sold me the gown.  The salesperson is most likely being paid on a comission. The mark up on the extras is where the consultants really make their money. Think outside the box--go vintage: here is where you can have your something borrowed--use a family heirloom to create your veil; or take the opportunity to create something new, do what I will do, have someone you know design & create it for you. I want a crocheted veil, adorned with swaroski crystals.  Luck to all. Don't be coaxed into a headpiece that you will be embarrassed about ten years from now like everyone that married in the 1980's did.

Re: Veils for your wedding

  • That's definately a possibility, but I fell in love with the veil my consultant put on my head!
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  • I've seen a lot of girls on this site get nice inexpensive veils from etsy sellers. I'm going to a bridal store though, because I rather go with a brand that I know will be high quality and my wedding doesn't have a budget so I don't mind it being a little overpriced. To each his own I suppose.
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