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Should have stopped while I was ahead

So I found a dress at David's Bridal that made me a little teary-eyed. I should have stopped there. It was only about $450. But, because I'm my indecisive self, I decided to book another appointment to look at otther dresses somewhere else. Now I like a dress that's $1250.



Re: Should have stopped while I was ahead

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    hmmm, well now that you have found the 2 dresses there is really nothing to do about it.

    I will tell you this, once you make a decision and pick one of the dresses STOP LOOKING!  more than likely you will always find something you think you like better if you keep looking. I think it is just because once you pick something then everything else seems "new" so to say.

    So, moral of this rant: pick the dress you can see yourself getting married in and then DON'T look another dress! =]
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    My advice would also be to stop looking because.....I was in a similar situation and fell in love with a 6,500 dollar dress from Kenneth Pool. Um, no!!!! So, just stop!!! You are going to drive yourself insane!!!
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    I agree with the other ladies. Once you decide, stop looking. If you have not purchased one yet, I would recommend walking away for a few days, making another appt to try on both of them again. Bring different people or a friend with you and ask them for their advice.

    I had my choices narrowed down to two and had a hard time deciding. I brought my MIL and SIL with me and they helped me. Of course, it was the more expensive of the two, but I don't regret it at all. I loved my dress and still do. Another thing that helped me was when I tried both of them on, there were other brides and mom's in the fitting area of the local bridal salon. They all agreed the one I bought was the one, so that reassured me as well. Good Luck.

    You will look beautiful in either one I am sure.
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    My first thought was budget . . did you have a budget you have to stay within? There is a big difference between $450 and $1250.  
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    My advise would be to take a bit of time and then go try on both the dresses you like. While trying the dresses on ask yourself... if the dresses were the same price which would you pick???  That's how I decided between two dresses that I liked.
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