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Black Bridesmaids Dresses

The colors that my fiance and I have chosen for our wedding are purple and bright green.  Both of these are colors that may be difficult for our bridesmaids to pull off.  My bridesmaids are all fair-skinned, bustier, and heavier ladies.  I want to find a dress that flatters all of them, so I was thinking about doing black bridesmaids dresses with either a purple or green sash for a little pop of color.  Would black bridesmaids dresses still be appropriate for a June wedding or should I stick with the brigther colors for the dresses to give our wedding a more summery feel?  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated :-)

Re: Black Bridesmaids Dresses

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    I think black dresses are appropriate for any time of year.  Adding a pop of color, whether it with a sash or the shoes, is a great option.  If you really want all of your ladies to feel comfortable, tell them the color and length and let them all find a style that suits their body type.
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    Avion22Avion22 member
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    Us pale girls look great in bright colors -- anything jewel-toned (like purple or green) should be fine. Generally we don't look as good in pastels, but that really depends on the person.

    As for heavier girls -- well, I happen to be one of those as well.  I wouldn't worry about color as much as fabric and cut of the dress.  Shiny fabrics like satin can be tricky, but it also depends on the cut.  Anything with fabric cut on the bias will drape funny and grab onto every single lump and bump, so sometimes chiffon is tricky depending on the cut of the dress.  A-line and empire cuts tend to work better on us chubby girls.  So an empire dress with a sash could look really good.

    I did black bridesmaid dresses (had them each pick any knee-length black dress they wanted), but it was April.  I think it would be okay for June too, especially if it's an evening wedding.  Your other option is to pick a color you like at a place like David's Bridal or Alfred Angelo and let the bridesmaids pick any dress they like in that color -- this will help them each pick a dress that they feel comfortable in with their body-shape.
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    gundy21gundy21 member
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    We did black dresses for an April wedding.  We used green and orange as out accent colors.  The flowers really popped against the black dresses.  Best part - my girls picked their own LBDs and I know they have worn them again.  Each got a cut that flattered her.
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    Black dresses would be great. They would really make your other colors pop and look amazing
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    I absolutely love black dresses for bridesmaids. 

    That being said, I had the same colors as your for our wedding.  My girls wore a bright green dress from Alfred Angelo.  One of my girls was a bit on the heavier side but she looked great in the dress because it had biased ruching and it had a corset back which helped my MOH who was a bit on the bustier side.

    Like other posters have said, color should be your last concern.  You need to find a dress/dresses that have a nice structure and shape to them.  From there you can pick your color.

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    I really dislike black dresses. It's a wedding not a funeral. But, I know I'm always in the minority on this one.
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    I like black bridesmaids dresses because you can use any colors as accents.  We used black dresses & red flowers.
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    I was having the same question.  Thanks, ladies!  This is very reassuring!  :)
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    emwalsh1emwalsh1 member
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    I am doing black bridesmaid dresses too- here is a link to mine, if you are curious:

    They are super cute, classy and affordable! The website is great- they have awesome dresses and are cheaper than your average bridesmaids dress becuase it is not labeled as a "bridesmaid dress." If you are looking for black dresses, you might have great luck here.
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    Jen6862Jen6862 member
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    I really don't like sashes on black bridesmaid dresses, if you have any kind of tummy it looks like you took a ruler around it and are emphasizing it. 

    I love the idea of purple dresses! I think it will look great and more sophisticated. And  you could do green and purple bouquets to tie everything together. Their are so many shades of purple to choose from, from bright to more of an eggplant.

    Some examples of BM in Purple:

    Also, heavy girls don't always need to wear black! My MOH is heavier and she wore a gold short dress with some great structure. She loved, loved it, because it was so different from anything she had.
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    I don't like the look of "bridesmaids uniforms" and have a bridesmaid on a budget so I asked mine to wear a black dress of their choice for my June wedding. If the groom and groomsmen are wearing tuxedos, you'll have a balance of black on both sides, and black is always classy. And the fewer number of large/noticeable accent shades you have to match or coordinate, the better. 
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    In Response to <a href="">Re: Black Bridesmaids Dresses</a>:
    [QUOTE]I think black dresses are appropriate for any time of year.  Adding a pop of color, whether it with a sash or the shoes, is a great option.  If you really want all of your ladies to feel comfortable, tell them the color and length and let them all find a style that suits their body type.
    Posted by jagore08[/QUOTE]

    I agreed. OP your idea is cool. ;-)
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    I think black bridesmaids dresses are great! I've been a BM in an April wedding and worn a black dress. My BM dresses are going to be black too and I am getting married in March. I don't really care if people don't like it. It's not their wedding lol. I think black with color really makes the color pop. I say go for it!! =)

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