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Has anyone purchased their wedding dress from  If so, what was your experience like?  Was it a replica of a designer dress?  How long did it take to get?  Etc...

Thank you!

Re: Store of Dress

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    I tried to find the site but couldn't.  At any rate, it sounds like a knockoff site and I wouldn't trust it. 

    There are some 'discount' sites that get very good reviews around here.  Check out Pearl's Place, Jay's Bridal, or netbride.  

    There are also some great legitimate second-hand dress sites out there. 

    But beware of anyone offering to make you a 'replica of a designer dress'.  I've seen some awful horror stories from some of these places.
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    Ditto pp. Knock off dress and China dress sites don't get good reviews around here. If you are interested in a used dress you could try or
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