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Rehearsal dinner dress

I just need some help/ideas for a rehearsal dinner dress....I don't want to necessarily wear a white or ivory dress. We are having the dinner at my dad's house who lives on an acreage, so it will be kind of casual. Any suggestions on colors for dresses or what everyone else wore besides a white dress???

Re: Rehearsal dinner dress

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    you could wear a dress that is teh same color your bridesmaides will wear on your big day! :D
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    I also vote cute sundress.  I wore a black & white print strapless dress, but our RD was at a nice restaurant.
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    I think I'm probably going to wear a dress I already own that is black and white, because the restaurant that we're having dinner in is on the casual to nicish side. 

    However, I want to go shopping and buy a new dress, but I'm not sure that will happen.  I'm not concerned about color at all, if I do buy something it will definitely be something I can wear again someday.
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    I plan to wear a nice sundress/cocktail dress with some color... maybe purple to the RD.   I am wearing a cute white dress for the day after wedding brunch we are having!  
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    Ours is at a casual restaurant that on a normal night I would wear jeans too.  But I couldn't resist and I bought a new dress.  It is black with white polka dots.  It does not match my wedding colors but I don't think it matters. 

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