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Dress shopping today!

Hello Ladies!

I'm going dress shopping for the first time today, and can't  wait!  I'm a little nervous, but so excited at the same time.  Any tips you can suggest would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Re: Dress shopping today!

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    Bring a strapless  bra, a pair of shoes about the heel height you think you might wear, some pictures of styles you like,and an idea of your budget.  And as pp suggested be open minded to trying on different styles to see what looks good on you.  I went in thinking I didn't want strapless.  But all the dresses that worked for me were strapless!
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    As PP said..a bra and shoes.  Also know some designer names you liked and tell them your budget!!! Try on a few dresses not just 2 or 3.  Really use the time you are there and you may even go to s few dress shops not just one.  Keep an open mind on styler and how it looks on the hangar!  All good advice!
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    Bring a bottle of water, a hair tie and a small snack. You'll get HOT and hungry.
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    Ditto all that was already said.

    And, no matter what, don't try on any dresses that are above what you'd be willing to pay - not even just for fun, and not even if the consultant suggests it. That's the best way to try on a dress that you can't afford, fall in love with it, and then be disappointed by everything else.
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