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How to keep silver jewelry from tarnishing

Hi Ladies.  I have some earrings I bought for the wedding and also a bracelet I'm planning on purchasing.  The wedding is not until November.  Anyone know any tips or tricks to keep silver from tarnishing?

Re: How to keep silver jewelry from tarnishing

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    Also I once heard to keep a piece of chalk in your jewelry box, I think it absorbs moisture or something.  I haven't tried it but apparently many people say it works. 

    So pop a piece of chalk in a baggie and keep it out of light and your triple good!
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    I wouldn't worry about it too much. It's easy to clean with a little toothpaste if necessary. And I'd probably clean it anyway before you wore it.
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    I work for a (NON BRIDAL! I'm NOT A VENDOR) jeweler and we keep silver jewelry in sealed plastic bags (ziplocks'll work) to prevent tarnish.

    Never heard of the chalk thing.

    You can also buy little paper tarnish strips.

    For cleaning silver, I use a mixture of half salt/half baking soda.  Crumple aluminum foil along the bottom of a glass baking dish.  Lay the jewelry so as much of the jewelry is making contact with the foil as possible.  Cover the jewelry with the salt/baking soda.  Pour boiling water over, then let it hang out until the water cools somewhat- rinse and presto, clean silver jewelry no matter what kind of gems, pearls, etc. are included
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