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dresses are overwhelming - non-traditional - pink gown! mostly just ranting

I'm looking for a blush pink gown that reminds me of wood nymphs. I have narrowed things down to:
A line is a must
sweetheart necklines best, then halter & spagetti strap
English netting is better than tulle or chiffon

Even looking for white dresses is overwhelming (this is my second wedding), but opening up to all the zillions of pink dresses in the world...ugh. Then I get zealous and think I'd rather buy something with a great bust (too hard for me to sew) and then add the kind of skirt I want. I'm looking at mostly bridesmaid and evening gowns since so few wedding dresses are pink. With my first wedding I picked a dress I didn't hate but was never really into the dress thing. It was pretty, but I never had that OMG THIS IS MY WEDDING DRESS vibe. I know I'm more on the right track (with the guy and a pink dress) because many of them make me giddy, but none are whimsical enough yet (bridesmaids aren't traditionally whimsical!)

:-) It's a process. I have time. And I have a sewing machine (and friends who do professional costuming). I'll be fine, it's just harder than I expected.

Re: dresses are overwhelming - non-traditional - pink gown! mostly just ranting

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    Can you find someone to create the bodice for you and you can create the skirt? Finding a professional  costumer, or even drag designer may be helpful. I've watched the Gypsy wedding show and there's a designer out of Boston, Sondra Celli, who makes fabulous pieces, but they are more for glitz pagents than whimsical nymphs.

    I think that having someone design the bodice and creating your own skirt (if you have the skills) is really the way to go. You can add different colors within the skirt (white, pink, blush, tan, brown, rose) to add dimension. You can also shape the shirt to be more like petals, adding to the whimsy!! It will be  lot of work, but it could be totally awesome --- I'm getting a midsummers night dream sort of vision!

    Good luck!
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    What about the White by Vera Wang collection at David's Bridal?  Some of the dresses come in a lovely blush pink.
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    I would look at Celtic or midievil gowns.
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    I was getting ready to mention the White by Vera Wang line at David's like the previous post. Those dresses online are beautiful, but my local DB doesn't carry them, so I ordered my dress from a local boutique.
    Have you looked at any dresses in person yet? I was overwhelmed before buying mine, b/c all the pictures online and in magazines were just....SO.MUCH. When I stepped into the dress shop for the first time, I could not believe how different the dresses looked in person. The skirts and the details were (to be insanely dramatic, but I'm not sure how to phrase it differently) life changing, as far as finding a dress was concerned.
    Next to your picture is says you are from Seattle,so I imagine you have some amazing local crafters and designers that most of us do not have access too. I wish you much luck in your search, and on your wedding day :)
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