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I found a website called, has anyone ordered through them before? I was considering ordering my bridesmaid dresses through them because the prices are nearly half of what I found at a few bridal shops. I was concerned about ordering through them because the prices are SO much lower, though (one of those "too good to be true" moments I guess). I found some styles I like from the Dessy group and generally those BM dresses range from $200 - $250, and I don't want my girls to have to spend that much. At, those dresses are in the $110-$130 range.

So, has anyone ordered through this website? Are they trustworthy? What were they like to work with? And, how long did shipping take?

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    I ordered my Dessy BM dresses through Jay's Bridal ( and they were much cheaper than the bridal salons.  Jay's is a reputable dealer of all the dresses they sell and I had great customer service.
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    No it is a good place but and rkbridal all have a better reputation.
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    a bride from weddingbee order her bm dresses from there and she loved them
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     I've personally ordered bridesmaid dresses from and and have had great experience with both.  Dresses were cheaper (plus no tax helps), arrived early and were exactly as expected.  I ended up ordering my wedding dress from a local bridal shop because they were giving 15% off if you ordered a dress with the appointment I made at a bridal expo, otherwise I probably would have went with Pearlsplace for my Maggie Sottero. 
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