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Uhh....alterations are NUTS!!

So I LOVE my wedding dress.  Love, love, love.  So much so that I went for "visitation" to the store where they are holding it just so I could try it on.  The seamstress was there and I wanted to speak with her about alterations.  I bought a sample Maggie Sottero with a HUGE train and lots of sparkly details on the train.  So she said she wanted to do:

Double French bustle
hemming (I'm 5'2" and only wearing 1" heels)
Taking in the sides (since it's a sample, it's a bit loose in the top area)
Adding cups

And the total is...$400!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I only spent $899 on the dress!!  It just seems excessive, but I know my giant train is a pain in the ass.  The bustle is beautiful though, and she pinned it right up, so I know she is a pro.  I guess I'd rather pay a little more for a job well done.  Any one else have any surprises when it came to alterations??
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Re: Uhh....alterations are NUTS!!

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    Ditto Duds.  I had my dress hemmed, the sides taken in, cups, and a bustle for $200.
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    Definitely shop around.  My first quote was $500-600...and I only paid $590 for my gown!  I found a private seamstress who work out of her home.  I got my dress hemmed, bustled, taken in about a size, added cups, AND had some loose fabric tacked, and my total was $160.  My local board helped me find my seamstress.  Good luck!
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    Depending on the style of the dress, the hemming might be a good chunk of that quote. Because of the ruffling in my dress, it cost a lot more to get it hemmed because it was a lot of work to make sure all the ruffles lined up correctly. Also, the bust had to be let out, and I had beading that had to be adjusted to allow for that. While $400 is high, there might not be a way around it if there are a lot of details involved.
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    Depending on the detail of your dress, the hem and side seams could be raising the price for alterations.  However, only if it's really intricate work (ie. lace and beading).  A french bustle is a lot of work but I would still take it to an independent seamstress.  Good luck!
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