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I'm going dress shopping for the first time in a couple days at David's Bridal. They had a couple of dresses on their website that I really liked, and my mom urged me to go try them on because of the great prices. I'm excited to have my first dress trying on experience, but I'm also really scared about the whole David's Bridal thing. I've heard stories from pushy, rude dresses falling apart at the seams. In case I do fall in love with a dress there, I'm looking for some words of wisdom from other brides who shopped/purchased gowns from them. How did David's Bridal differ from other bridal salons and boutiques and how can I make it a positive experience?
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Re: David's Bridal 101

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    Thanks everyone so much for the advice! We're going on a Wednesday in the evening, so hopefully it won't be really, really busy. I have about 4 styles written down that I like, and I'm open to trying on anything the sales person brings as well. I'm really getting excited now. Thanks again!
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    I went in yesterday, the lady behind the desk was a little rude, but the gal who helped me was really sweet. Don't buy shoes there either, as they are also likely preworn :D
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