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Urgent Help Needed!!

My DH has been asked by his sister to walk her down the aisle, one week before the wedding!!  We were just going to be guests but now he needs to change his suit color and shirt.  She is having a small (50 people) at the Carnton Plantation.  She says her wedding colors are tan and brown.  he has a blue suit and a black one.  Any ideas on which suit to wear and which shirt and tie color.  He needs to purchase them on Monday as he is driving his mother (she lives in Columbus OH) to the wedding (he lives in Detroit) and needs to leave early on Tuesday.

Re: Urgent Help Needed!!

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    The groomsmen should follow the groom's attire as much as possible.

    It's nice if all men in the wedding party attempt to follow suit.  (no pun intended)

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    Black suit, white shirt & see if you can maybe find a tie that has her colors. When my dad walked my sister down the isle for her wedding the guys were in black tuxes and my dad wore a navy blue suit and it looked nice.
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