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Bridesmaid Dresses Question

Hello Everyone!I am sure I am not the only one with this going through my mind, so I thought I would put the question out there to get everyone’s advice because I cannot come to a conclusion. I have 6 bridesmaids ranging in size from 0 to 18, straight bodice to very curvy with larger hips. I am having such a hard time finding a BM dress that looks decent on everyone and in which they all feel comfortable. I am also trying to work with a budget dress since two are also getting married within a month both ways of my wedding, and we are all 3 in each others weddings. I know that I can only please them somewhat and all will probably not agree on one but I want to try and come as close to that as I can. Recently the thought came to me to let them all chose their own dresses. I would give them the designer I want, color, fabric and length of the dress and then let them take it from there. My only concern is how this would look. Does anyone have an opinion for either way? Does anyone have any pictures of everyone having a different dress? I was pretty much set on it last week until this weekend I was watching Say Yes to the Dress: Bridesmaids and they mentioned how the focus gets drawn away from the bride when the BM dresses are all different, so now that is the thought going through my mind. 

Any comments are much appreciated!!

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