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Change of dress

Okay. I had told my Fiance I was wearing my Army Dress Mess White uniform (I am a Veteran honorably discharged) This would require him to wear either a white dinner jacket or black but both with a white shirt.

His response ? "NO WHITE" just like that. I tell him it is part of being in after 5 attire and that this isnt a colored shirt type of affair. He remains steadfast "I cant bend on this" I think for a bit and say "Okay, I will find another something to wear that will allow you to wear a colored shirt. How about a nice designer suit for me and a monochrome suit for you so you arent even required to wear a tie ? We can even have the wedding earlier in the day and make it more casual".

Result ? I didnt even get a response to my text of "I am going to bed now. havent heard from you hope all is good. Goodnight".

Did I do something wrong ? I tried to accomodate him but, I am really kind of numb and I dont think that pint of Ben and Jerrys did me much good either.
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