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St. Patrick Cobalto dress Monarch train, too short to wear one?

I'm interested in a long train on a particular dress I like.  Apparently it's called a monarch train a little longer than a cathederal train.  However  I'm 5'1 with heels maybe 5'4.  Do you think this long train will be too long and overwhelming for my short figure?

Re: St. Patrick Cobalto dress Monarch train, too short to wear one?

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    Unless it's a different train than the one pictured, I think it would be fine.  The only way to know for sure if you'll like it is to try it on, though.
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    I don't see a photo here. If you can show us one then I can give you better advice. But by googling it I see that a Monarch train can be compared to Princess Di's dress. "A train where you are at the alter and your train is at the door"

    For your height I think that train might be too long. It says it could be from 8-9 feet from your waist out to the back. Also, think about when that gets all bussled up. If you are short your dress will then become much more on the bottom.

    Don't loose sight of that dress though! An alteration can modify that train so you can still have the dress you want with a smaller train to fit your figure.
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    oh okay thanks!  I think the one girl had it altered to a semi- cathederal.
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