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Tea-length dress

The BM dresses I picked will be "tea-length". I realize generally speaking that means the dress will be about mid-calf in length. Anyone have their dresses hemmed to tea-length? Did you specify the exact inces from groumd, or just tea-length per person? I like the look of when everyone's hems are the same heights in pictures and not sure how to have my girls have their dresses hemmed. 

Re: Tea-length dress

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    Maybe you can measure them and tell the seller your requirements, he or she will help you solve this problem .:)

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    saacjwsaacjw member
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    Tea length per person. Remember, if you have different heights and body shapes (i.e. leg and torso length) something like 5 inches off the ground for one girl might be tea length, but barely over ankle length for another. I like to use my friend as an example, she's 5'8". I'm 5'2 and our torsos are the same size. If I was standing next to her, her tea length dress would be my knee height. 
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    Eliz77Eliz77 member
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    I pretty much assumed that...just was thinking since most of the pictures I find online seem to have the hemlines about same height, but maybe most of the people are around same height...Not that it's all that important!
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