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Who wears what??

Okay I know every guy in the bridal party including the groom wears a tux but who else is to wear a tux? Also what is the Mother of the Groom to wear and what color also in the families?

Re: Who wears what??

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    If you are having a formal evening wedding, then a tux is appropriate.  If it's a daytime wedding, then the men should wear suits, not tuxes, and they can wear suits it they choose for an evening wedding.  Fathers of the bride and groom should be dressed at the same level of formality as the wedding party, but they don't need to match attire.  The moms wear what they want, they don't need to coordinate with each other or with the wedding party, but again they should be dressed at the same level of formality as the others.
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    Generally speaking, the only people whose attire you can dictate are the members of the wedding party (bridesmaids and groomsmen, and flower girls, ring bearers, or ushers if you have them).  

    Anyone else should match the level of formality of the wedding party, but doesn't need to match color-wise.  Often the mothers try to wear neutrals or colors that coordinate with the wedding colors because it makes the family pictures look better.   If you are close with your FMIL, you may offer to go shopping with her if she's unsure of what to wear.   My mom got her dress first, and I showed my MIL a picture of that to give her an idea of what my mom would be wearing.  That seemed to help.  
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    Do fathers of the bride and groom match the formailty of the bridal party as well?
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    Usually they match to some extent. If GM are in tuxes for an evening wedding, then fathers should be at least in evening-appropriate suits; if they choose they can wear tuxes.
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