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1st dress syndrome?

Shortly after we got engaged, we were in FL visiting family and at the last minute, the day we were leaving, I went to try on dresses with my FMIL and FSIL.  I knew what style I wanted and was pretty specific with them.  The first dress I tried on, I fell in love with. The problem is now, I live in CA and it's a 2011 dress, and won't be available until 4/11. Our wedding is 2/12 so I would maybe have time to order it once it's available in CA. I have been to David's Bridal and have also found a dress there that I love, but am not as crazy about it as I am with the one in FL.  I am going to visit another bridal store or two in CA to see if I can find something else I love. I guess I'm just worried I'm in love with the 1st dress because it was the first dress and I'm also worried I'm not going to know which dress is "the one".  Has anyone else had this problem? What did you do? I had a friend who got married this summer and she actually ended up buying a 2nd dress because she decided she didn't love her 1st one as much anymore. I don't want to have to go through that.  Any advice would be great! :) 

Re: 1st dress syndrome?

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    Totally agree with PP. I think you will have enough time if you order in April for your February wedding. I would of course double check with the bridal salon. Go with the dress you love, even if you have to wait for it :-)
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    I would be in contact with bridal salons that carry the specific designer of your dress.  Have them call you the second they get the dress in their store.  Go back and try it on again (sometimes your opinion can be altered over time).  If you still love it, order it that day.  Most boutiques and David's Bridal told me that dresses take about 12 weeks to come in after you order them.  If that is the case with your dress and you order it in April, it will be in by July which is plenty of time for alterations by February.

    My wedding is in August and my dress is ordered but won't arrive in the store until February, and the ladies at the store said that is plenty of time.

    Good luck!
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