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tux color/accessories with pink

Having a hard time deciding on tux color and accessories with tuxes.  BP, just a MOH, in blush/rosy pink.  What do you think about a charcoal grey instead of black?  Also, can one just do a regular tie and no vest? Groom in white tie, BM in pink tie, and I dont want to make him wear a pink vest too, haha.  Suggestions please and thank you.

Re: tux color/accessories with pink

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    I'm partial to black for tuxes, but I think charcol grey would look nice with pink. The pink ties are also a good touch if you're going for a splash of pink. You could also do a black vest with a pink tie so he's not covered in pink. I'm almost inclined to think that if you don't want a vest or cumberbund and grey instead of black, why not just go with a nice suit instead of tuxes? 
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    Or even a nice light gray would like nice too. We are opting to go with gray tuxes over black, and my BMs will be in a light pink most likely.
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    I'm sure that the local tuxedo shops can dress an mannequin for you and show you different combinations.  The bottom line is that it is YOUR wedding and a grey tuxedo or a charcoal one or a navy blue one or a dark chocolate brown one -- It's your choice and part of the fun of making a wedding unique is the ability to individualize it  with color and still retain a timeless appeal.

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