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Tiaras: Cheesy or Cool??

Hi everyone :)

My mom and sister and I were out dress shopping yesterday and they both LOVE the idea of me wearing a tiara. I liked the look but then I thought maybe it was cheesy? I also like rhinestone headbands which I think give a similar overall look. Just looking for your opinions, thanks!

Re: Tiaras: Cheesy or Cool??

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    IMO it depends on the dress and the veil and the actual tiara.

    If your gown is really simple, sometimes a flower, headband or sparkly clip is a better, more understated look. I think once you find your dress you'll know.

    I wore one, but it was fairly simple...and it went with the whole look of the dress/veil, etc...and it was my something "borrowed"- it was one of my BM's- and she was super excited I wore it.

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    it's up to you if you want to wear one or not. when else do you get to wear a tiara? : ) personally i think they're too much. i like your headband idea better.
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    I wore one and it finished off the look for me.

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    i personally prefer a sparkly headband. i find it to be a more contemporary look. 
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    I just think it depends on your own personal style. For myself, I won't be/would never wear a tiara. t's just not mystyle at all. However, a good friend of mine wore one and looked great in it.

    I think as long as you're not wearing a full out princess di style, they can look ok depending on the girl.
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    I'm not sure exactly what you are including in the term tiara.  I had a sparkly headband and I really love that.  I also love sparkly combs and hair clips.  I think some sparkle looks great.  However, I really don't care for the tiaras that resemble a pageant crown or something along those lines.  That's just a little over the top in my opinion.
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    It depends on the dress and the size of your head and hair.  I know that sounds wierd but I think it looks like a bride is playing dress up when she is wearing a tiara that is too small sitting on her head.  You can also go wrong with one that is too big.  Proportion is everything.

    Personally, they are not my style.  The headbands are more grown up.
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    I like them but my nickname is princess so?? Its def me, I agree i dont like those little combes that look llike a 5 yr old should wear but also something not over the top!
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    Going in to shopping, I was sure I would get a tiara.  (Like pp said, when else do you get to wear one??) However, once I finalized my dress choice...

    My dress is asymetrically side-draped, with beaded trim at the side.  I ended up getting a headband with a design on the side, that looks *awesome* with my dress.  I can't wait to wear it!
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    i think it depends on the tiara, some are cheesy some are gorgeous, if you like them rock one
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    I think it depends on your definition of tiara.  If it's an actual "crown" or "half crown", I think it is too much (coming from the girl who wore won to her senior how I've changed!)

    But, I think if it has some height and sparkle, they are usually very beautiful.  I love the headbands too.  I'm not sure which I will do, but I am sure I will wear one or the other.  But, typically, the dress comes first, then the accessories.  Once you pick the dress, start trying on all sorts of hair accessories to figure out which looks best for the look you want.  Also, the hairstyle you plan on wearing may also effect what you decide to choose.  AisleDash had a "Glossary of Headpeices," it gives some idea of what hairstyles look best with some of the accessories. (Article HERE)  I'm sure you can find other articles as well that may give pics and all.

    good luck!

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    I think it depends on the tiara and on the wedding dress. 
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    In Response to <a href="">Re: Tiaras: Cheesy or Cool??</a>:
    [QUOTE]I think it depends on the tiara and on the wedding dress. 
    Posted by luckyme502[/QUOTE]

    Ditto. I think tiaras work well with huge ballroom style dresses. Not my style though, I prefer a hair comb or headband. But if you love it, go for it!
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    It really depends on the tiara-- some look really beauty queen cheesy and others look really elegant and classy-- you just have to find what looks best with your dress, as for the headband, I feel it falls under the same category as tiara, and if that's what you want, do it.
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    Thanks so much for your opinions ladies, much appreciated!!
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    I'm wearing a tiara that isn't too big because I'm opting to go without a veil. My hair is short and I feel like a veil looks silly on me.
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