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can't find my most recent post so i'll do it again

Hey everyone... i'm just starting to dive around into the wild world of wedding planning and all the choices are a bit overwhelming...

i feel like i totally found the dress of my dreams but have only found it on a site i'm not so sure of.

this is the link to the dress and the company that makes it.

After "chatting to an online consultant" they were finally able to tell me the original maker of this dress and that their seamstress can make any dress if i were to submit high auality photos of whichever dress I choose.

They have told me the designer of this dress i oh so love.. is also my first favorite pick dress designer... ( just by sheer chance i imagine )  Maggie Soretto

can anyone validate this information or tell me of their experience with this website if any recommendations or otherwise!

thanks so much!!!

Re: can't find my most recent post so i'll do it again

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