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Help! REPLICA at an AUTHORIZED RETAILER -- Maggie Sottero

Hi... I am just wondering if you guys have had any problems or any experience with this. I think I was sold a replica at an authorized retailer location. I am not a brand snob or anything and I love the dress I picked out, but I just want to make sure I was not taken advantage of! Especially since $600 for a knock-off is ridiculous.

Ok... I love Maggie Sottero dresses (around $1500 for the one I wanted) and specifically looked on the MS website for authorized retailers. I found an authorized retailer and went to their store today... tried on my dress... and was told by the lady I could purchase the sample since their store was closing for a month due to relocation/renovation. Since it was a 'sample' I got a significant discount and paid only $600 for the dress. [At this time extremely low price was not a red flag since I thought I was getting a sample discount].

Well when I got home... I realized I never got a certificate of authenticity from the store... and when I looked at the tags, it said 100% polyester... made in China... and had a "style number" on it. When I googled the style number, a few replica websites came up with a picture of my supposedly authentic dress.

Long story short... Okay so what do I do now?! I am 90% convinced it is a replica. Do you not get a certificate of authenticity if it is a sample dress? Or am I just crazy because I got it for such a low price I think I'm getting scammed Tongue out
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