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I'm definitely not a girly girl and I have no idea about flowers....Anybody more girly than me able

  • Well, we're 300 days or so away from our big day and I'm in a bit of a bind. We're getting married in a small rural community where we're using a small, independent local florist for our wedding (my FI went to school with her growing up). Because she's got such a tiny business (I think she's the only one who works from open to close every day) she's asked us if at all possible to come up with some ideas for our flowers at the latest early in the new year (we're getting married in September 2011) so that she can purchase our flowers in advance when prices are most favorable for us (and her). I thought that I wanted a hand tied bouquet then when we went into a local florist (we're Canadian and getting married 3 provinces away from where we live) in our home town the saleslady overheard my MOH's sister and I talking about the flowers and chose to take a few minutes to educate us about our options as far as hand tied bouquets vs. bouquet holders, etc and let me tell you we really appreciated the few minutes she spent with us! Apparently hand tied bouquets can sometimes be presented in a bouquet holder the size of a pop can that's been wrapped with ribbon which I know I won't be able to hang onto for the entire ceremony never mind the pictures before, during and after the ceremony and at the reception. The flower shop saleslady showed us a fantastic little bouquet holder that has a handle that's smaller around than a toilet paper spindle and has the added advantage that it can be layed on the head table and serve not only as the bouquets for pics and ceremony but reception decor as well. So now I've decided that maybe a bouquet holder similar to the one we were shown would probably be best....Too bad I haven't figured out what the heck to put into the bouquet holder and I daresay that we'd look pretty funny if all we were holding were the bouquet holders in wedding pics. My criteria for flowers are fairly simple:
  • They need to match a crimson and ivory dress.
  • The flowers can't be too expensive, we're on a tight budget.
  • I'd really like it if the flowers were reasonably hardy and unlikely to become overly battered during the ceremony, afterwards during pictures and congratulations hugs from friends and relatives.

    And since we're using a small independent florist she doesn't have all of the tools that a larger chain might. We're paying less for our flowers but her preservation services aren't any more sophisticated than my own (I always hang up Valentine's and Anniversary bouquets to dry because I tend to be sentimental), SO 

 We need a selection of flowers that are going to dry well.

I kind of like calla lilies but they're awfully pricey and apparently they bruise easily which shows up in photos according to some of my more girly friends. I love the idea of gerbera daisies, mums, daisies and similar flowers but they really don't dry very nicely. I thought about carrying a bouquet of just baby's breath or even wheat sheaves which would be reasonably cheap and baby's breath dries well while the wheat sheaves are already dried, but from what I understand corsages and boutonnieres apparently need to have at least one flower from the bridal bouquet in them to give a cohesive look to photos and the wedding in general...As you can probably guess I'm overwhelmed in a big way when it comes to flowers - I know I really would like them but I have no idea where to start...Any help from anyone would be greatly appreciated so thanks in advance to those who are willing to spare a few minutes and offer some practical suggestions!


This is my wedding dress, it will be floor length on me because I am super short and incapable of wearing heels due to some issues with balance and a strong desire not to trip down the aisle.
This photo is on the Alexia website under bridesmaids dresses.
The colors are actually claret and ivory, but since I already have the dress I know that website and swatch colors aren't always accurate, the dress is more of a crimson heading for wine kind of color (which is great because it was what I was hoping for to begin with!).


Re: I'm definitely not a girly girl and I have no idea about flowers....Anybody more girly than me able

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    I think white flowers might be really pretty with your dress.  While I was shopping for my flowers I went to two florists.  The first one had great ideas, but he wanted to put really expensive flowers in my bouquet.  So, with the budget I had, I had a tiny bouquet.  With the second florist, I didn't make that mistake.  I asked her about what flowers are seasonal and I was really clear about my budget and what I want.  They were smaller shop and I felt that they cared about me and what I want.  The florist was really nice and we were able to talke.  That was a big relief because I didn't know anything about flowers either.  After I met with her, I always googled everything to see what she was talking about.

    So, my advices are stick to seasonal flowers or classics, like roses.  BTW, I thought that bouquets holders are more expensive that hand-tied bouquets, but I might be wrong.  Google wedding bouquet or something like this to find out what you like or not.
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    This is just a suggestion it may work for you and it may not.  Have you tried pricing silk flowers?  I wanted to be able to keep my bouquet also, and when I realized fresh flowers were really expensive (especially the kinds I wanted), I then looked into silk flowers.  You won't have to dry them nor would you have to worry about keeping them in water during your ceremony, pictures, etc.
    I think that since you have a crimson color in your wedding, I think that white flowers would be very pretty.  Carnations are very cheap and inexpensive.  They're my favorite flower.  You can mix them with some roses or you can mix them with sweetheart roses which are the smaller roses.
    Lilies tend to be on the expensive side, and you may want to stick to flowers that will be in season so you don't spend so much money on them.  Like I mentioned carnations are inexpensive and they look really pretty in a bouquet. They can also dye them to match the color of your dresses, you just have to supply them with a squatch (sample) of the color.
    I hope this helps you out.  I wish you the best of luck with finding what you're looking for.  Let us know what you decide on.
    Congratulations and Best Wishes on your upcoming wedding.

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    I spent a lot of time browsing pictures of floral arrangements on theknot and saving pictures of arrangements and bouquets I liked. 

    Then I browsed well-reviewed local florists and ended up talking to one that our cake baker recommended highly.

    I emailed the pics to the florist and gave her my budget, told her what I was hoping to do, and asked if she could make that happen for me, she said she could. 

    I'd suggest finding pictures of arrangements you like to give yourflorist some ideas.
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    Thanks for the awesome advice, it's always helpful to have someone who has been there before offer helpful hints. From what I understand apparently the bouquet holders are inexpensive, in fact so much so that they are sometimes used to hold hand tied bouquets together (these ones are like a beer can, heavy, big and hard to hold onto - exactly what I'm trying to avoid), but the florist here in town showed us a little bouquet holder that apparently doesn't cost anything above what you'd pay for the bouquet, but then they are a bigger urban shop so I'll have to check with my small, independent local florist to see where she's at in terms of costs. I'll be sure to keep you guys posted once I figure out what to do....
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    Unfortunately the bad thing about good quality silks is that they are very similar in cost to real versions of the flowers on a per stem basis. I've thought about including good quality silks in corsages for my MOH, my FH's cousin (who is doing the music at our ceremony) and my FH's mom as well as the boutonnieres for the best man and my FH's dad. I was thinking like a mango mini calla with hypericum berries and maybe some ivy for the corsages and boutonnieres, it's flowers for myself that I can't really figure out. Now according to some that I've spoken to I've heard that if I choose callas in any form for corsages and boutonnieres I have to include at least one calla in any color in my own bouquet...What is everyone's take on that tidbit of advice? Will my wedding party look disconnected from my FH and I if we don't follow that pearl of wisdom?
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    The only problem with looking at tons of bridal bouquets is that they're all pretty and mostly out of my price range....I'd be happy with anything in red, red and white, red and black, red white and black, or white that I've seen on here but the costs are out of this world for most of what we see on here and online aside from some of the regular flower arrangements I've looked at that Teleflora or other florists normally do any time of year (aka once you take the bridal price tag off the flowers suddenly become much less costly! At least in my experience). I have yet to find a flower arrangement that dries well, suits what we're trying to achieve and is easy on the budget.....I just hope I can finally make a decision - it's a hard one to make knowing that whatever I choose will be immortalized in pictures forever and commented on by all.
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    Thanks for the tip...Wow that site sure has some unique ideas - not sure if I'm 100% sold on any of them, but I'll do my best to figure things out soon....
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    I think that I've finally decided on my bouquet choice...I'm going to break etiquette a bit and roughly 1/2 of my flowers will be real touch calla lilies in red while the remainder of my flowers will likely be white roses....I'm thinking that I'll have the florist do the bouquet in such a way as to intersperse the red callas throughout the bouquet as a means of breaking up the roses a bit. I'll also be having the florist add some rosehips (look like small red berries) and ivy to my bouquet as well as the corsages and boutonnieres. As for corsages and boutonnieres I'm thinking that a single red real touch calla lily with ivy and berries should be quite nice against the black that my MOH, best man and groom will be wearing.

    What do you ladies think?
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    I think putting red roses in your bouquet (even if it's mostly white) would kind of take away from the flowers since your dress is red as well.  I think an all-white bouquet would have more visual impact.
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