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What is your opinion on the pick up skirt on a wedding dress? I'm torn between getting a pick up skirt or just a straight skirt.

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    depends how tall you are and what the material is.  I have a 5foot 3 friend that had a lovely one.. silk dress.  The other one was on a similar sized girl but the dress looked cheap so looked like toilet paper.
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    Was never a big fan of pick-up. LOL at the whipped-cream effect, so true!!
    My dress is a Sophia Tolli Gwyneth, it's got two or three pick-ups, that's it.
    What dress are you considering?
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    I've never seen pickups that I like.  They just make the skirt look wrinkled.  Truly, pickup skirts shall be the pastel ruffled tuxes of our generation.
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    I have to agree with pp, that a skirt that has pick-ups all over and are symmetrical so that they make the dress look like whipped cream or a cupcake...those are gross.  A few assymetrical ones here and there are good.  Mine is like that, a few assymetrical ones so they almost look random and sort of look like luxe draping.  But too many - i.e., more than 4 or 5 - is too much.

    I think the material is also a big consideration; it has to be a good, luxe-looking material that doesn't look cheap so the skirt doesn't look wrinkled or like toilet paper [haha!]. 
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    Personally not a fan, but I knew I wanted a clean line.
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    I agree with some pp's, some just look like cool whip and are not that pretty. Some are nicely done though. Do you have a pic of the dress you can post?

    My dress has a lace bodice with an asymetrical dropped-waist, then the skirt is organza with asymetric picks-ups. I wanted something unique (and I was originally against pick-ups, till I saw them on this dress). Mine is the Maggie Sottero Natalina (a recently discontinued style). I am 5'8" and will be wearing heels with my dress. (pic in siggy/more in bio, but dress needs steamed bad)

    IMO, most ballgowns look overwhelming on petite women and pick-ups can make a dress appear even moreso.
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    I love the pick ups ,but I do agree if you are petite it may swallow you up.  But I think they can be very pretty and fun. 
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