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Engagement Ring Problem!


I don't know all the details since it's still a 'surprise' but my fiance had to let me in on a little problem...

He purchased a Solitaire and a solitaire enhancer ring. But he is asking me all these 'what if's' because the solitaire is too big for the enhancer. He says he really likes both, but may have to return/exchange one. Is there an alternative answer to this problem? Can a solitaire enhancer be resized? And if so, how much on average could that cost? Any suggestions!? Thanks!

Also, we are not in the financial state to spend large amounts of money!! Thanks
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Re: Engagement Ring Problem!

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    This is probably something he needs to discuss with the jeweler. They have ways of making a lot of things work. I am in a similar predicament I found an enhancer that I really like, but it is made for a princess cut solitare and I have an emerald cut solitare so it is jus a little off. So for now I am looking around at bands that I like as well. I love the enhancer I found and the way it makes my ring look, the only downside (other than the obvious of it not fitting it just right) is that if I ever go on a trip or something where I don't feel comfortable traveling with my solitare, there isn't the option of just wearing the band.

    So my suggestion would be for him to discuss it with the jewelry store of what his options are and to look at bands that have maybe a similar look. If you aren't tied to the idea of having two rings (which a jeweler should suggest having the enhancer and engagement ring sodered together otherwise the metals rub and you run risk of damaging the diamond) then you could look into having your solitare reset to a bad that would resemble what the solitar and enhancer looked like together in the first place.
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    A friend of mine found an enhancer she loved but was for a differnt cut diamond.  The jeweler was able to adjust the enhancer to fit. 
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